wolfgang stradas

Professor für das Fachgebiet Nachhaltiger Tourismus

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas studied landscape planning in Hannover and Seattle with a focus on tourism. Since 1991 first research projects on sustainable tourism and many years as a tourism consultant in development cooperation. 2001 PhD at the TU Berlin on Ecotourism in Mexico and Belize. In 2002, Wolfgang Strasdas was appointed to become a professor at Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences, where he established the Master's course Sustainable Tourism Management. His current work focuses on protected area management, tourism in developing countries, corporate social responsibility and certification in tourism as well as climate protection and adaptation to climate change. Wolfgang Strasdas is a member of the scientific advisory councils of forum anders reisen and the Sustainability Initiative Futouris, the Certification Council of TourCert, the German National Committee for UNESCO Geoparks and the Jury for the Destination Nature Award of the Deutsche Bahn and of leading German environmental organizations. He also represents Eberswalde University in the BEST Education Network and in the European TRIANGLE network for sustainable tourism.

Weitere Informationen zu Prof. Strasdas finden Sie auf den Seiten der HNE Eberswalde.

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